Part 7 – Outdoor City Lights – Handheld

This is continuation of Part 6 – Portrait Photos

This is the true test of better Image Stabilization from m 4/3 with the better ISO capability of Full frame.


Usually I know the lowest shutter speed for getting the sharpest image for my hand at given focal length. Though camera’s has some intelligence , there are multiple factors like if there are people in there, the focal length, what’s the purpose the image etc.. So I manually make that decision.

Since I don’t know my handheld shutter speed for sharpest image with the combinations, has to shoot multiple images to find out the best image

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.01.14 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.00.37 AM.png

Took multiple images from 2.0 second exposure all the way down to 1/500th of sec to get the best picture. For each camera choose the picture with the lowest ISO but with no handshake.

ISO 100 at 1/4th of sec looked cleaner but with camera shake, but ISO 200 at 1/8th looked sharper.

Selected Images

Here are the selected images from each format for normal sized viewing..


Same images full size..

Only for the tower Nikon looked slightly better. Rest of the images Olympus looked much crisper on normal sized print.


If I have shoot handheld at low light and minimum shutter speed is not of concern, the VR reduction in 24-120mm is no match for the inbuilt body stabilization. Also the smaller lighter camera has less handshake than the heavier nikon combo.

My Preference : m4/3 combo

Next .. Handling and other considerations..