Real world usage of Full Frame and m4/3 – Part One, Images for Very Large Print

Read my blog for the reason behind choosing the D810 with 24-120 f/4 and Pen-F with 12-35mm f/2.8

Images for 45″ x 60″ print

Clear early morning sunrise gave good opportunity to capture various pictures. All shot with sturdy tripod base ISO, best F stop for the lens.

These are the  images from both the cameras, each of them is either 50Mp or 36Mp from. I didn’t do much adjustments other than correcting white balance.

For the night time shot I adjusted tone little bit to have them both match. Applied default sharpening for print.


To compare them I took multiple section of them and printed in various 5″ x 7″ prints.

When selecting from print, I had no clue which picture came from which camera I just choose them from the prints and what I saw.



Here are the selected images, when cropped to to match a 45″x 60″ print size. I compared them with both the Lusture and Glossy prints.

Here are the pictures I didn’t prefer over the one the top.



The Hi-Res mode out performed clearly the D810 even with squeaky  clean ISO 64. Though D810 looked better for skies and black building with the clean image at ISO64 in monitor the print from both looked the same those regions.

Other major drawback is the high chromatic aberration with the 24-120 lens , in all the shaded region mainly in the corners. Some of them are clearly visible in the screen, but more obvious in print.

Both are shot at their widest, lumix 12-35 with Hi-Res performed much better than the Nikon Combo.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 1.10.06 PM.png

Where D810 combo performed well is the highlight region at night time, only at this part. But other region of image m4/3 combo is better.

My Conclusion

In all daytime pictures and certain section of night time pictures m4/3 images looked much better over all. D810 didn’t look good mainly due to high Chromo Noise and the lens distortion needed at wide angle.

I will choose m4/3 with Hi-Res mode for any large prints. Since Hi-Res mode produces Jpeg to work with I have to make sure the white balance is right for night time.

Though there are some limitations with Hi-Res mode, that’s not likely  to impact my pre-planned shots focused for large prints.

My Preference : m4/3 with hi-res mode

Now continuing  on to 24″ x 30″ prints…