Is It Worth Paying For Photograpy Content

Almost everything is available freely in the internet, there are so many photography blogs, web sites, videos, podcasts etc…, still I think there are sites worth paying for.

Here are few my favorites


and then m43 specific sites like  ( More Leica stuff)

I also discovered excellent forum with the great people just interested in the content, thanks for people posting my links in there.

Still I would say most of this are kind of fun to read, “not so needed but intersting ” information and details on camera and lens. But most of the content that helped me to actually improve my photos, or improving  skills in using the software come from the paid content.

I’m member on and off, learned lot of net tricks on photoshop related to photography with out need to spend lot of time searching through so many links.

There is lot more to photography in there, but for photography , printing, techniques, and equipment excellent resource.

Both of the sites, helped to spend longer time in the gym, as I can easily spend an hour on cardio machine  watching one of the video tutorials, or in flight or while waiting for anything. No need to worry about internet as they offer offline viewing as well.

And I newly discovered…

After lot of hesitation I started paying for this content, I found the worth just with in days. I learned lot of quick tricks with Capture One, which saved so much time immediately. Then there is lot of specific information on Printing and Paper.

If time is valued and interested in improving photography skills,  I think it is definitely worth paying for the content. It saves lot of time, and quickly helps to get the things needed.  At least try it for weeks.

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