E-M1 Mark ii – Printing with Epson P800 and various ISO

With an Epson P800 printer and Epson Ultra Premium Photo paper tried different print sizes. The main purpose is for me to understand how the different sharpening, color matching works and also to know the limits of sensor ISO.

Prints obviously can be evaluated only by looking at the real paper, I’ll try my best to

describe the how it looked. Only adjustment made is the white balance, everything else is the default. And of course added sharpening for print.

Check out my previous blog for shooting conditions used…

ISO 200 (12″ x 16″ size)

Tried multiple options,  Photoshop color matching ,  printer color matching, different sharpening with different pixel size.  Once I got the monitor properly calibrated I started getting very realistic representation of the actual objects. Since I had all the objects in front I compared them with the print… ,

I was blown away with the accuracy of  colors, they are very realistic, I put the egg carton with the vegetables, fruits and herbs next the photo and put it under a day light balanced LED light all the colors looked well matched to the real object. The tomato was kind of challenging, it has  little yellow, little orange, little pink and a lighter red. Then realized it’s the angle of light was causing all the shades.

Unfortunately the scanned imaged can’t show the real print, here are the few options I tried.EM1mkii_ISO_200 8.jpeg

ISO 200, Larger size

I wanted to see how large I can print. I tried up to 30″ x 40″. They looked really good, even viewing just inches from the eye. I think I can print easily print up to 60″ wide for normal viewing distance.  There is uniform gradation of shadow.

The prints looked so good, my wife wanted to frame it in the kitchen. When enlarged to the life sizes from the distances the colors are indistinguishable from the real one.



ISO 800 and up.

I was able to print very clean image till ISO 3200, for the 12″ x 16″ size. I even printed ISO 6400 at this size, the problem is the loss of color accuracy at ISO 6400.  Till ISO 3200 the prints looks really good.EM1mkii_ISO_800 and up.jpeg

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