Part 8 – Handling and other considerations

This is continuation of Part 7 – Outdoor City Lights – Handheld


Should able to do following things in the dark with out looking at the camera or with out taking camera of the view finder.

Minmal criteria needed , just with dials and button combo.

  1. Change focus points
  2. Adjust Aperture
  3. Adjust Shutter speed
  4. Adjust Exposure compensation
  5. Adjust ISO
  6. Switch between auto ISO and manual ISO
  7. Adjust white balance

I can do pretty much all the of the above in both the cameras .

I have used quite a few Nikon bodies D90, D7000, D5200 the APS-C bodies never felt it right. D700 is the first one I really liked. Used D800E felt as good. Not sure what Nikon has done with D810 it felt way much better in handling than other Nikon bodies. It’s silent, faster, responsive.. , it’s kind of camera which begs to be held in hand and shot with. I really liked D810 in this front

View Finder

Optical and Electronic has its both advantages, E-VF has come a long way forward now, in paper lot of advantages of E-VF ,near real time feedback of all camera setting on what’s going to be captured. Still Optical has a certain feel which I very slightly prefer.

Shallow Depth of Field

Which is a novelty initially but not my shooting style. With iPhone 7+ doing through software it will be way overused, and any novelty of shallow DoF will be gone soon.

With the new 25mm f/1.2, 75mm f/1.8, 42.5mm f/1.2 and then 17.5mm 0.95 lens which gives equivalent DoF of 50mm f/2.4, 150 mm f/3.6 , 85 mm f/2.4 and 35mm f/1.8. m4/3 format now has the capability of what I need. Still there is no way it can match the super fast primes of FF.

The question is am I likely to get those super fast primes ,  probably not with FF. And the 24-120 f/4 doesn’t produce any meaningful shallow DoF better than f/2.8 m4/3 zoom.


Though m4/3 lasts one full day, DSLR still holds the edge here.

My Preference :

Handling : D810 ( May change as hasn’t tried E-M1 Mark II yet)
Viewfinder : Tie
For Shallow DoF : Tie
Battery : D810

Next … Decision Making time…