Wishlist for 2017 Camera

The last few years there is so much advancement in the camera, mainly pushed by Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax. Apart from D500 nothing much groundbreaking from Canon Or Nikon.

Here are my wishlist…


I spend thousands of dollars for  a camera and few more thousands in lenses, I have a very good knowledge of how to use them, I even have the camera hanging on the neck, still being fine with the iPhone. Think about it, I put more effort to take the phone out my pocket, open the camera app, than to use the camera hanging on my neck, main reason, the pictures I take on my phone is immediately available in all my devices (other iPhone , both the iMac and MacBook and to the iPads). Pretty much where ever I want, when ever I want with no additional effort.

At least I do use the camera on many occasions when the phone’s camera is not enough. Though I gave decent camera better than their phone camera to my  family members, they never touch it. I checked with my friends who still use their camera, same is the case with their family members too.

Very little or hardly any improvement from the very first digital camera in terms of image transfer, how can an industry been so stuck in the past. Though lot of people are complaining about MacBook with out SD card slot, more people are likely to dump the camera with a SD Card, than a MacBook with out SD card slot.

This is a major downside in almost all cameras. I tried the wifi connectivity, though it goes a step further it’s not enough. Only good thing is it is possible to make a image transfer from camera to phone with out wire. This needs to be improved a lot, there needs to be a simpler solution. I see the same case with the my friends and relatives having a DSLR or decent camera, they use it less and less. Main reason lack of easy connectivity.

After the first time setup, every image I take on the camera needs to appear in my phone and all the devices connected to it. I shouldn’t have to launch an app, select the images for transfer , wait for it or anything like that. It just needs to happen with no additional effort.

I know it is technically possible, the  downside of battery , network connectivity, data usage and the slow rate of transfer, should be not the limiting factor. It’s users concern and should not the manufactures  concern. With iPhone my 2MB image appears immediately in all the devices , 1 GB video takes little longer, still it appears every where.

Not sure why camera manufactures, don’t prioritize it. Only reason people take a picture is to share that moment, that’s been the case probably with the first photo taken to the next billionth photo. Sharing is the only reason I take a photo, and almost every one I know takes a photo.

People will gravitate towards the device that makes sharing easy, that’s the reason SACD died and mp3 and streaming are successful. Blu-ray is struggling, while YouTube is thriving,  D3s in my dentist is office literally gathering dust in the corner, while all his pictures are taken in his iPhone.


A choice between Low light or High Resolution in the same camera

Nikon with the D700 set the standard in 2008, even after 8 years we are still stuck in that in terms of low light resolution for that price range. ISO 6400 in D700 looks better than the ISO 6400 from D810 or A7R II, the increase was mostly in mega pixels.

In the other end, there is  A7S, 1D, 5D or Df. But if high resolution for landscape is needed then have to choose  cameras like A7R II, D810, 5DR. The problem is the manufactures makes the compromise between high resolution or high ISO. Why not let the consumer choose, so that I can decide if 12MP is enough with good low light capture or or would need 40MP.


The major downside of all mirrorless camera is the battery, two fully charged battery is needed for one day of image capture, with DSLR surviving  day and half with one battery. Not really any improvement from the very first digital camera I used. The capacity increase is just enough to feed even more power hungry circuitry, with the same end result of battery capacity / number of days.

Wish list, at least make the charging easier so that I can connect some kind of USB cable and charge it, like a cellphone.  So that I will have one less adapter to carry.


I haven’t seen Leica SL EVF, which is considered to be the best, I have seen everything else in latest Sony, Fuji, Panasonic. I still prefer OVF, for me the exposure compensation indicator and the ISO indicator is enough to give an idea of  how the image will appear with OVF than to view a real preview. I can always flip to Live View mode in LCD screen of I need the EVF capability.

Not really much needed in this area, only fantasy is to have some kind of switch in OVF to enable the EVF mode.


Initially it was very big concern, not much any more. I am fine with anything less than the size of D810. Only concern is the size of lens than that of camera, for me m43 handily beats down other in that area.

Wish list, make the f/2.8 zooms lighter and smaller.


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