Need for Print , Choosing a Paper Type from Epson

Why to Print

Why would anyone print when you have such a great displays to the images. So many ways to see the images like retina displays of phones, super retina in iPad Pro, 4k screens, wall size TV’s and projector screens. With extra wide color gamut screens and resolution beyond any human eye can resolve, there is absolutely no reason to spend any addition money in print, that’s what I thought…

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City skyline with E-M1 ii during twilight

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.08.14 AM.png

This is one of the main reason I upgraded the camera, to view and shoot the city skyline in twilight hour. Usually this is the main drawback with the m4/3 cameras, and wanted to switch FF mainly for the low light sensitivity .

Even if I ignore price of the moment, this is what I need (not really, unless I get paid to do the shoot, it’s of course a want!).  I need two zooms,  a wide angle zoom 24-70 , a tele zoom 70-200 zoom and  a fast prime 35mm Continue reading

EM-1 ii experience with Indoor School Play..

Events like this is where I need a real camera, and compounding fact of tough lighting and not the right location is the fact, that we usually don’t go early enough to sit in ideal location (Not the front row, but 4-5 rows from the front). As usual we ended up seated further back. This is when I felt most of my other cameras fell short, and iPhone camera’s are unusable.  But I am very impressed with the results I got from E-m5 ii camera-lens combo.

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