ISO Variation with E-M1 ii: Part 1 – Good Light

ISO 64 to 25600 Good Light.pngOne thing I noticed after shooting different ISO in various camera, the number doesn’t tell the full story. Even in full frame D810 some images with ISO 12,800 looks great where as ISO 3,200 in the same camera, makes me wonder is it really FF.With E-M1 ii same story, some times ISO 6400 looks great where as some other time even 1600 is so harsh.

What I found is that it depends lot on the available light (Isn’t that everything in Photography)  and the lens.  For the first Part, I wanted to check this in a good light, how far I can push the ISO in properly exposed image. Then will do the same for night scenes and then the impact of lens in next part.

I thought I know how to look for the details, but the results surprised me when I Can’t differentiate the ISO at normal viewing results.

  1. 100% View
  2. 50% View
  3. iPad View
  4. iPhone view
  5. Test?

Details,Details!, Details ? – 100% view. Practically useless (Except for large print), but always interesting


ISO 64-800 Good Light


Excellent sensor, maintains all the details till ISO 800, practically indifferent in good light

  1. ISO 64-800 Good light.png

ISO 64-800 Shadow

There is loss of color accuracy in the ISO 800,but hardly noticeable.

ISO 64-800 Shadow.png

ISO 1600 and Up – Good Light

The details are held till 3,200. Probably this is the limit I will follow when using flash. I hardly loose any details. Of course at 100% details started going after 6400

ISO 1600 to 25600 Good Light.png

ISO 1600 up and Shadow

Not bad till 6400

50% view, still a critical view for normal printing

Practically In-different

ISO 64 to 800 Good Lgight 50% view.png

ISO 1600 up Shadow 50% view

At 50% even in shadows there is hardly any difference

ISO 64 to 800  Shadow 50% view.pngiPad viewing (It’s still are “retina” display with 9.7″ screen.): Almost the max for all the blogs, forum websites, monitors, except 4k display.

  1. iPhone viewing, Facebook, instagram, flickr etc…

    Test : Can you find the ISO used

Actually I can’t when viewing in the iPhone.

All in One view (Actual ISO is in 2n part of the image name).

ISO 64 to 25600 Good Light.png

ISO 64 to 25600 Good Light.png

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