Why Nikon? Why?

I just saw in nikonrumors that many Nikon deals might end today…so I have to make a decision today.

After spending nearly $300 in rentals and $100+ in  printing, painfully carrying both the camera’s, along with the tripod and lens. I thought the painful part was over to decide the camera.

Then I realized taking the photos is the easy part, selecting the right ones out of 500+ image is the tough part…

Combing through all the images at lightroom, aperture to find the best one. Printing at different print sizes and asking others for their opinion as well. I was happy, and I finally made decision on what to buy.

Full Frame or micro 4/3rds

Part One, Images for Very Large Print

Part Two – Handheld Large Prints

Part 3 – Harsh Lighting

Part 4 – Inside Museums

Part 5 – Indoor Low Light

Part 6 – Family Photos

Part 7 – Outdoor City Lights – Handheld

Part 8 – Handling and other considerations

Final Part 9 – Decision time m4/3 or Full Frame

Since E-M1 Mark II is not out yet.. there are so many deals on D810 thought of first going with the D810 and then later add E-M1.

Is Nikon really selling camera for 2016

Before buying I just want to compare all the details, and other nikons D750 and Df to make sure D810 what I really want.  Then I learned that D810 has no built in wi-fi, it never even occurred to me that camera’s sold now with out wi-fi, apparently Nikon still sells camera that way, though I spend few days I didn’t even bother to check if it has wi-fi in it. A $9 bulb I buy at home depot has wi-fi in it. I pretty much haven’t bought any electronic device without wi-fi now a days. My dimmer, car, remote, receiver, watch and even light bulbs have wi-fi.

One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade was lack of wi-fi with my current camera. Though personally I never need wi-fi, sometimes asked by others to take photos of them, as they get disappointed with their phone sensor at night time and thinks the picture from big camera with the lens, tripod and big flash would be better.  By the time I go home to upload to my computer and then e-mail they have lost interest in the photo.

Even for family photos, all interest is lost after two days of taking photos. They are just fine with the immediate photo from iPhone. Looks like only  I seem to care about the quality.

Ridiculous Price for  wifi Adapter

What’s even more irritating was the fact Nikon Df has the adapter for $60 where as the D810’s adapter costs whopping $877 .

Other Nikons

D750 is almost as good as D810 in paper, the reason I preferred D810 was mainly for the super clean image at ISO 64, 36 mega pixels for very large print and its handling. With D750 I will be loosing all the reason I really liked D810.

Df sensor feels too old now and there is not really any deals on that camera.

Change of Decision

It’s almost 2017, and can’t buy a camera with out a wi-fi after waiting this long to upgrade. So decided to go with E-M1 Mark II. Hopefully  next Nikon D850 will have wi-fi in it.

I’m about to pre-order  E-M1, probably will do it before the holidays, unless Nikon rightfully changes its mind to give free wi-fi adapter for D810

2 thoughts on “Why Nikon? Why?

  1. Excellent comparison which mirrors my own experience between Nikon and Olympus. I spent last summer reviewing my Nikon images and my Olympus shots from the last 5 years and concluded that my Olympus gear generally produced the better image. Wanting a new Omd1 mk2, the price point made me want to explore Nikon ff gear again, so your comparison here was most helpful. Thank you!

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