E-M1 Mark ii ISO Comparison with E-M5, With Tripod

With E-M1 Mark ii, I started shooting my usual indoor images with the f/2.8 zooms. With 25% larger image size I was not expecting much difference in low light. But to my surprise  the indoor images started looking much better and no blinking low exposure warning sign. When I looked at the details the default high limit is ISO 6400, which was increased from ISO 1600. And they do indeed produce much nicer image.

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Part 1 – E-M1 Mark ii Image Stabilization test (vs) E-M5 and an Aha Moment with new camera!

This is the first of series of tests that I plan to do with the new Mark II. One thing image https://kuphotoblog.wordpress.comquality result might not tell you is that the handling of ‘E-M1 mark ii’  is way much better than E-M5 (Btw.. who started this “Mark” naming convention, I don’t like saying it and not easy to type as well, why can’t they just use  1,2,3.. or A, B, C.. ). The immediate feedback after shooting the image, has easier navigation to get to the setting, responsive dials, etc… Continue reading

Wishlist for 2017 Camera

The last few years there is so much advancement in the camera, mainly pushed by Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax. Apart from D500 nothing much groundbreaking from Canon Or Nikon.

Here are my wishlist…


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Summary of comparison between FF and m4/3 sensor

After a long review of both the format, here is the summary… Real world usage of Full Frame and m4/3

What I  liked in D810 or FF sensor

Handling…some how it feels better than even D800E and other Nikon bodies I have used. Strength of sensor to pull back details from shadows, or recover highlights when mistakes are made in exposure, and a very clean image at ISO 64. 

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Why Nikon? Why?

I just saw in nikonrumors that many Nikon deals might end today…so I have to make a decision today.

After spending nearly $300 in rentals and $100+ in  printing, painfully carrying both the camera’s, along with the tripod and lens. I thought the painful part was over to decide the camera.

Then I realized taking the photos is the easy part, selecting the right ones out of 500+ image is the tough part…

Combing through all the images at lightroom, aperture to find the best one. Printing at different print sizes and asking others for their opinion as well. I was happy, and I finally made decision on what to buy.

Full Frame or micro 4/3rds

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