ISO Variation E-M1 ii: Nighttime


I used to pay so much attention to ISO noise, if I go to any review site I view the image only at 100% like to see every little details. I started viewing images in sites like 500px and Instagram initially little bogged down by the fact that they don’t show full detail. But later started appreciating the art form rather then the technical detail of the sensor. I know lot of us buy sensor based just on ISO capability, which is considered the weakest link in m4/3 format, and is considered at it worst in night time. To my surprise E-M1 ii produced excellent results. I took series of photographs of Chicago skyline at night time and checked at various ISO on different screens.

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Learning: It’s All About Composition

I was paying so much attention to technical side, forgot all about why I liked photography. It’s about Composition. I liked a lot of photographs, never really paid attentioScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 3.49.59 PM.pngn on why some photographs are more interesting. Having few courses let me understand few things  about photography and what makes an interesting image.  Though I  can find much better images in the web to show these concepts, I don’t want to user others pictures, so here are few samples on what I took and what I learned from them. (Need to find out if it is copyright violation if I use others picture as example and credit them for their work).
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ISO Low Or Native lowest ISO 200

I always wondered why there is regular ISO and then there is low. Most of the time I found that there is no difference and the low iso produced cleaner image. That’s what I thought, then I took series of images to find the difference. ISO low can be used to get clean image as long its there is no need for blown out details in highlight.


  1. Well lit image

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